run rspec in vim

Latest OS X update did some harm to my environment and some gems stopped working. hapricot and vim-rspec was affected and I decide to implement the three commands I really need from vim-rspec myself.

Run rspec for current line in current rspec-file Run rspec for the entire current rspec-file Run complete rspec-suite

Find the gist on:

Run ruby code from vim


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Just published an example of a test-driven coffeescript-application. Using Jasmine and HTML5-Canvas.

Franky, I’m not a friend of Javascript at all tho. With Coffeescript and jasmine it’s fun to write test-driven, object-oriented apps even for JS ;-)

See it live

Don’t ask me. I can do it.

coffeemine is a template to start with your Jasmine-driven Coffeescript application.

Tina Nina & Friends presenting WWEDU and modern media in education

Andreas Altendorfer’s Tumblr page turned 3 today!

Andreas Altendorfer’s Tumblr page turned 3 today!

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See you at 2014 in Linz

See you at 2014 in Linz

Water Balloon vs Spiny Cactus from edgertronic on Vimeo.

700 frames/sec high speed video of a water balloon popped by a cactus. Taken with an edgertronicâ„¢ high speed video camera, video is 23.33X slower than real time.

More info at